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Learn the love…

Try these four simple steps to a lifetime of love:

  1. Take an olive and suck it.
  2. If you don’t like it, spit it out. But if you’re committed to try again, and it’s worth it, suck it for a time and leave for another week.
  3. Try for a second time and do the same thing again. Your palate will remember the taste and won’t be frightened of it.
  4. By the third week, your palate should now enjoy the taste of this wholesome delicacy.

So rather than saying you don’t like olives, it’s more a case that you haven’t tried a Love Olive olive. We have freshly prepared and marinated olives, these methods are reflected in the taste.

For years my Love Olive colleagues and I have heard people up and down the country say, ‘I don’t like olives, they’re awful’. Nine times out of ten, these good folk have never even tried an olive and have their minds fixed on not liking this most fantastic, versatile and healthy food. Being people who love a challenge, and who believe passionately about the quality of our product, we don’t let this deter us.

Encouraging the tasting of our olives and our other products is something that we are committed to. Quite simply, we believe that we have an olive for everyone, and we just need people to bring an open mind and a willing heart to the taste table. First, you need to decide whether you have a natural disposition to sweet or savoury tastes. If you prefer sweet things, then try our sun-dried tomato stuffed olives marinated in olive oil or Halkidiki green olives stuffed with delicious Greek cheese.